The first question to ask is what is your reason for buying a home? You may have one or several factors to consider. You may need less space or more of it, maybe you’d like to move into a better school district for your children, or it could be that you need to relocate for work. Whatever your situation, the process to owning a home comes with some big decisions and that’s why having the right expert on your side makes all the difference.

Typically, the process for buying your first
or next home will go a little like this:

The first step is to look into your finances. What have you been able to put away? How much are you paying where you live now? Has your income recently changed?
Then, get in contact with a trusted real estate specialist. The right agent will understand your goals, know the market in-depth, and can guide you in the right direction to make the entire process not only less stressful but exciting!
Once you have an expert in your corner, get pre-approved for a home loan before you start your search for a property. This will give you a clear idea of places you can afford.

Next, set a budget. Make a list of priorities and decide if things are NEEDS or WANTS. Consider things like location, square-footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Then figure out what your deal-breakers are and what you’re willing to live with at your new home.

Using that list, search neighbourhoods and properties that fit your needs. listings are available online but your agent will have access to a wider selection and can find homes that are a perfect fit for you. once you’ve narrowed down your choices, your agent can set up a tour of the home to learn the ins and outs of each property.

Buyers will then send their offers with an asking price. You can accept this offer, counter-offer or reject it. Your agent will be a key for these negotiations and once you all agree on a price, have the home inspected and the selling process is almost complete. Your realtor will run a final check on the home, ensuring everything is good to go and once it checks out, it’s just a matter of signing papers to make it official and handing over the keys!

The rest is just signing papers and getting set to move to your new home!

When you’re ready to go, I’ll be ready to give you your best real estate experience to date.